International Journal of Bio-resource and Stress Management (IJBSM)

  • Print ISSN: 0976-3988
  • Online ISSN: 0976-4038
  • Frequency of Release: 6 in a year
  • Abstracting Agencies: CABI, Academic Search Complete, Academic Search Research & Development, EBSCO Environmental Engineering Collection: India, EBSCO Biotechnology Collection: India, Sustainability Reference Center

It is an international quarterly publication focuses widely on all types of bio-resources on earth and their management at times of stress/crisis. It has a particular focus on documentation, validation and recovery of ethnic/indigenous knowledge and practices and native bio-species which have great implication for stress management.

Thus the journal acts as a platform to form a multidisciplinary team of scientists across the world to raise the issues on the above themes and suggest possible solution to make this earth a better place to live.  

Thus it broadly covers the field of agriculture, veterinary and animal science; forestry; fishery and marine science; ecology and environment; biotechnology; social science and other allied areas relevant to the aim and scope of the journal.


International Journal of Economic Plants

  • Print ISSN: 2349- 4727
  • Online ISSN: 2349 - 4735
  • Frequency of Release: 4
  • Abstracting Agencies: CABI

    International Journal of Economic Plants, a peer-reviewed international quarterly publication, focuses widely on original knowledge and research on the native plants for human use, social life and customs. It aims on recovery of ethnic knowledge related to biota, native wild and unutilized crop species; grossly not only to recover economic plants for various human and animal uses, but also suggest research lines. The area of the journal broadly covers on forestry and allied sciences and their utilities; wood anatomy, paper pulp, fibre and allied fibres, textile technology, medicinal plant chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, economic fungus, mushroom, vegetable and horticultural crops etc. It depicts the rich relationship between plants and people encompassing the potential utilities of plants in relevance to environmental and public health policies, inter-disciplinary research strategy globally.