We are dedicated to serve our nation through the betterment of the livelihood of the common people. Vision is directed with the wish of our leader, who might be little known by Indians but scored ample of recognition through his work on crop physiology aspect. 

He always inspires us to think about common real men working hard over the day to give bread to the whole nation. They are the farmers. Our major focus is to help marginal farmers through the viable and sustainable low-cost technologies. We are dedicated for technology transfer through the simple and common approaches reachable to the farmers.

Our young generation is the strength and future of the country. We help childrens of poor families for all communication and continuation of studies. We inspire them through the training programme, to understand the ethical values and the ways to stand up on their feets.

We create platform to share the technologies generated and carry it to the needy people. Biennial conference is the one of the best platform to bring together people to a common fold. Farmers'-scientists  interaction is the one of the thrust for direct exchange of views, facts and findings.